Journal of Ethnology


Journal of Ethnology formed as a free continuation of the special journal, which was serialized between 1964 and 1990 named Ethnographic News. After November 1989 therefore reached a format of the journal. Not only the title, but also the content and the size was changed. At that time was this periodical published by the Institute of Folk Culture in Strážnice, later was the name of the institution changed on the National Institute of Folk Culture.

Several times has Journal of Ethnology passed through the graphics arrangement and even its contents hasn´t remained originally. The shape of Ethnographic News is available on the address You can view Journal of Ethnology present form in our e-shop which offers the insight of every single journal cover. The content of each Journal of Ethnology issue you can find in our archive.

The good prestige of Journal of Ethology is emulated except the editor´s office by the editorial board and since 2009 by the international editorial board too. The column Forthcoming Themes offers not only information on the contents of incoming issues but also the terms of its deadlines.

The price of each issue is 70 CZK, the each fourth one issue supplement of said year is the bibliography of the important personality in the field of ethnology, the price of the supplement is 50 CZK.

The subscription of the quarterly Journal of Ethnology:
Mrs. Jana Štípská
Phone number: 00420 518 306 622


Národopisná revue / Journal of Ethnology
ISSN  0862-8351 (Print)
ISSN 2570-9437 (Online)
MK ČR E 18807
Vytvořil 2015