Journal of Ethnology

is a professional ethnologic reviewed journal. It is published four-times a year, always at the end of the corresponding quarter. The first special issue was presented to the reading public in 1990; the first periodic issue was published in 1991.

Journal of Ethnology began as a free instalment of a professional journal that was published between 1964 and 1990 under the name Ethnographic News. After November 1989, the journal was modified: not only its name but also its content and format changed. With new graphic appearance and manifold content, the editors at that time aimed to disseminate the contemporary ethnological investigation more distinctly and so to extend the group of the reading public. Nevertheless, the journal made again a name for itself as a professional periodical focused on the ethnologic (and the resulting interdisciplinary) problems within social and historical contexts.

The main intention of the editors is to reflect the discipline as flexibly as possible. The Journal of Ethnology presents the themes in the field of traditional culture and researches within the contemporary society; it reflects the live research terrain that brings new initiatives for the discipline. In the above connections, it pays attention also to folklorism and to the tasks investigated by the National Institute of Folk Culture that is the publisher of the journal. In addition to studies and material papers in Czech and Slovak languages (the studies by foreign authors, written in other languages, are translated into Czech), the journal publishes also the theme photographic enclosures documenting the ethnographic photography in the last century predominantly (the section Stopping with Photos). The column Transferring Tradition brings the interesting facts about the present ethnologic researches, the perceptive remarks in the field of folklorism as well as the comparative probes into the traditional ethnological problems in form of articles, reflections and reports. The columns Review and Social Chronicle are to commemorate the personalities of Czech and foreign ethnology and the significant representatives of folklorism; they are drawn up as documenting contributions to the historiography of ethnology.

Reports on professional conferences, courses or exhibitions, reviews of new book and musical records editions and reports and information about Czech and foreign folklore festivals, folklore activities and other events within protection of folk culture form a large part of the Journal of Ethnology.

The independently published bibliographical supplements describing the works of important scientists in the field of ethnology are a part of the Journal of Ethnology.

Journal of Ethnology is regularly abstracted in:

AIO (The Anthropological Index Online of the Royal ­Anthropological Institute)
CEJSH (Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities)
ERIH PLUS (European Reference Index for the Humanities)
GVK (Gemeinsamer Verbundkatalog)
IBR (Internationale Bibliographie der Rezensionen geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Literatur)
IBZ (Internationale Bibliographie geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlicher Zeitschriftenliteratur)
RILM (Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale)
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