Publication ethics

The Journal of Ethnology requests that the rules of publication ethics and publication practice are respected. The text, which must be written by the signed persons, is to reference the sources, not to violate the rights of others and not to include unlawful declarations. In case of problems, our editors work with the Publishing Ethics Resource Kit developed by Elsevier (see also Publishing ethics – Elsevier).

The Journal of Ethnology editors expect that:

  • the manuscript offered has not been published yet and the Journal of Ethnology is the first publication thereof (except for the requested contributions which are to be translated into Czech); the manuscript must not be published in another place  within the running review procedure either;
  • the author or the team of authors that send their manuscript to be published in the Journal of Ethnology is/are the sole holder/holders of copyright for the relevant manuscript and all its enclosures including pictures
  • if the manuscript includes material the copyright of which is owned by a third party (photos, drawings, maps), the author or the team of authors have received a permit to use such material in full in the Journal of Ethnology;
  • by offering the manuscript to the Journal of Ethnology editors, the author or the team of authors express their interest in providing the National Institute of Folk Culture as a Journal of Ethnology publisher with all relevant and complete copyrights at the moment when the manuscript is accepted for publication.

The Journal of Ethnology editors expect that the authors will inform them about the fact that the entire manuscript, its past or some essential results have already been published as an article in a reviewed scientific journal or as a monograph.

The Journal of Ethnology editors presume that the text sent (including its name and abstract) is distinct enough from other texts published or intended for publication in a reviewed journal or monograph. Should this not be the case, it may  lead to termination of the review procedure.